My First Blog Post

When you have the attitude of an over-achiever, without the ability to maintain what you’ve achieved, you tend to hit a breaking point; and that is where I’m at. I lived 21 very healthy years. I even won an award in high school for the least number of missed days. I rarely got sick and […]

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I Am Ever Changing

Today I find myself yearning to play the piano; to push the keys and feel them click gently beneath my hands. I am longing for that satisfying feeling of transferring a familiar tune from my head to my moving fingers below. I used to sit down at the piano and play a song as I […]

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Welcome To My World

I look a lot like other 36 year-old women on the outside. I enter the world each morning in my exercise leggings and loose fitting top. My brown, curly hair has been straightened to a T, and a perfectly shaped smile illuminates as I get my 8 year-old on the bus and drop my 4 […]

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